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–Polymer Injection / Lifting–

Polyurethane Polymer (Polymer) injection is the most effective and permenant way to lift, seal and stabilize water damaged masonry. Whether it is a driveway that has settled and cracked, a basement wall or concrete floor slab that has settled, cracked  or has water penetration concerns. A foundation wall that has had water erosion under the foundation footer or for any reason that has caused settlement and/or cracking can be lifted back into place — Polymer injection is a safe, strong and an effective repair to ensure a stable and permanent solution. WaterProofing Contractors Knoxville uses the proven methods and the latest technology combined.

The high strength polymer injection process creates a durable, adhesive seal which bonds to existing masonry and it is non-deteriorating and water resistant unlike cement grout.

The lifting strength and load bearing capacity of the 2 part heat activated Polymer is far superior to cement grout pressure pumping. There is no future cracking of the polymer as with cement and thus no cracks for water to start washing through or erosion processes that often re-appear.

The Polymer bonds to the underside of the concrete being lifted and there is no glide or separation as there is with cement grout pumping. Cement does not have any shear bonding strength properties. Polymer has extremely high shear bonding strength and downward, vertical load bearing qualities.

Polymer pressure pumping is used to correct and repair problems where cement grout pumping has failed at a future point after use.

The Polymer is lightweight compared to the cement grout used with other techniques and there is no added heavy weight to the foundation footer when the sub-footer of Polymer is installed and the lift and stabilization is completed. The pressure Polymer is injected at a higher psi and also has very stong lift to load ratio when being used for the repair of a foundation settling problem.

The Polymer is pump injected under the foundation and flows out in all directions and compresses the soil below to create a dense firmament even where none existed before. The polymer lifts the house foundation, driveway concrete, sidewalk, patio or swimming pool concrete surround back into the original placement or desired position. When the Polymer cures it has an indestructible, infinite life span and enduring quality and is not impacted by environment forces of hot, cold, or moisture.

Polyurethane Polymer is used on train trussel/tunnel masonry repairs, bridges, commercial building foundation repairs and on all residential and commercial repairs where we use Polymer injection and lifting for a complete and permanent solution.

Full Service Foundation Repair offered for all foundation problems.

Waterproofing Knoxville offers a “Lifetime Warranty” on all Polymer injection/lifting work.

Our sister companies Waterproofing Pigeon Forge and Waterproofing Gatlinburg also provide all of the above and works individually and collectively with Knoxville Waterproofing, all under the direction of our General Manager.

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