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–Basement Waterproofing / Foundation Waterproofing–

–Basement Waterproofing / Foundation Waterproofing– Waterproofing Knoxville Contractors wants to let you know how Important it is to have a basement that is free from ground water or rain water penetration in order to protect your structural integrity as well as preventing,
both, water damage to the interior and the growth of mold that can occur. Waterproofing Knoxville drainage systems are installed, after foundation waterproofing is completed, to ensure the waterproofing basement wall process is 100% effective for many years to come with no recurrence of water leaks.  Possible erosion of the soil under the foundation footer of your home may also occur if poor foundation drainage is a reason that is contributing to the water penetrating into the home’s interior. Basement Waterproofing, and Foundation Waterproofing with proper drainage installation is important to protect your home from water damage.

PRO’S  and  CON’S of Exterior WaterProofing and Interior Basement Waterproofing

There are several Pro’s of Installing Exterior WaterProofing on the Basement Wall from the outside and also
Con’s of Installing Interior Basement WaterProofing on the Basement Wall.  We install both interior and exterior Basement Waterproofing and drainage systems, but exterior foundation wall waterproofing is the best and we recommend the most effective method to our customers.

Con’s, Reasons why a Home’s Basementshould not be WaterProofed from the Inside, this method is “Not Recommended”

1.) Exterior foundation wall waterproofing is a much superior basement waterproofing procedure because interior water drainage systems allow the water to still travel through the foundation wall masonry to the interior wall side where the interior water collection system and sump pump are installed. Water continues to soak the masonry walls and water collecting and flowing on the outside, penetrates the masonry foundation wall from the outside and can also still erode and wash away the soil under the foundation wall footings located at the base of the wall.

2.) During heavy rains when power outages most often occurr, the interior sump pump will lose power when it is most needed, during the rain storms. During a power outage the interior water proofing drainage system is rendered useless when the sump pump has no electrical power.

Pro’s, Several Reasons why WaterProofing Your Home’s Basement and Foundation Wall from the Outside is “Recommended” and is the Best, Most Effective and Only Way of Actually Sealing Water Out of Your Home’s Foundation Wall Masonry as well as the Basement.

In contrast to these problems with an interior waterproofing and drainage system, a properly installed exterior foundation wall water proofing system is 100% effective and maintenance free.

1.) Waterproofing your home’s basement from the exterior side of the foundation wall prevents water from touching the foundation wall ever again. Even masonry that is below ground can lose its structural integrity over time if it is repeatedly saturated with water. The foundation wall block, brick and mortar joints will no longer continue to be saturated when exterior waterproofing is installed and therefore no more deterioration to the masonry will occurr.

2.) The more rapid damage that can occur from water movement down along the foundation wall and under the foundation wall footer, which leads to foundation settling and cracking,  is also eliminated when drainage is installed on the exterior in the form of a foundation footer drainage system. After the waterproofing system is installed, a plastic collection trough and footer drain is also installed which will quickly evacuate water away from the home.

3.) Finally, when installing exterior wall waterproofing and drainage, any existing cracks in the foundation wall can easily be repaired. The trench is backfilled to a point with gravel which relieves hydrostatic pressures of water saturated soil pressing against the foundation wall. Saturated soil holds water, gravel against the foundation wall does not. Rain water and ground water which would otherwise collect against the foundation wall quickly drains down thru the gravel backfill to the new foundation footer drain where the water is effectively carried away from your home’s foundation so your home will be dry and will also maintain it’s structural integrity.

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